The Best Week Ever!!

Here in Spain we have an absolutely insane amount of breaks, and this last week was the best one that I have gotten to experience. My family and I hopped on a hour and a half flight to Geneva, then rented a car and drove for an hour to Chamonix, France to begin our “Ski Week”. When we got there we just chilled out because it was pretty late in the day and we were all exhausted. The next day when we woke up it was dumping snow. We went out to ski and had an awesome time. The following day it was sunny and nice, but the snow was super sticky, which made it more difficult to ski on. On that same day I fell in powder and hurt my knee. We went to a mountain called “Le Tour” after that and had a ton of fun. We found some super nice long runs and had a blast. The day after was certainly not fun. It was super cloudy and the visibility was at 0. We went home after an hour and hung out for the rest of the day. We went to Italy the next day, driving through the longest tunnel in Europe, the Mont Blanc Tunnel. In Italy we met up with Ella’s friend, Marisa, and her family. We had a ton of fun until Marisa fell and hurt her knee. She had to get pulled to the hospital in one of those little sled things and got a cast on her leg and is on crutches now. The following day it snowed, HUGE flakes falling thick and fast. We went to a market and everyone got a hat, then *sniff* drove to the Geneva airport to fly home to Barcelona. Here are some pictures from the ski week.Image The Beautiful French Alps



Building a Snowman


Me, my two sisters and my mom



Getting gofres (a.k.a waffles)



Lexi, my little sister, with her nutella and powdered sugar waffle



A snowy day in Chamonix!

That was my ski week, and I was so so so lucky to have gotten to experience it.



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