For my spring break, I took the trip of a life time to Morocco. We stayed in three places, Fez, Merzouga, and a spot in the Sahara Desert, it was AMAZING! We were so lucky to find an amazing hotel in Fez, which was really cool because it was hidden behind high walls, but once you entered it was amazing. It had a full courtyard, which was beautiful, and my sister was ecstatic, because they had pet tortoises! (Ella’s turtle crazy!) Fez was interesting and I loved it, but the Sahara was stunning. It was all so still, and quiet, we seemed so far away from everything, and we just relaxed. We stayed the night out there, under the stars, and I felt so, at peace, I LOVED IT!!!!! Merzouga was super fun, our hotel had a pool! One of the most fun parts about the whole trip was that I was with my cousins from California!!!!!! We had a ton of fun and I’m so sad they leave tomorrow morning. On the bright-side, my grandpa is coming! I’ll keep y’all updated on our trip with him, and also our upcoming trip through southern England, the land of English speakers!!!! I so excited! As soon as my mom uploads the photos to her computer, I’ll post tons of pictures about Morocco!


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