Art Classes and Other Activities

I am loving Spain more and more everyday (not that I don’t miss my friends back home!!!). Recently I have begun art classes at a place called “Traç” (pronounced ‘trace’) which in Catalan means “sketch”. I really really love it and I am doing the category “dibujo y pintura”, or drawing and painting. I just did a horse sketch in charcoal, and I’m working on painting my color wheel, blending my own colors! The best part of these classes is the fact that I do them with one of my best friends, Madison! The other activities I’m doing are soccer, tennis, and basketball. Soccer is fun but my coach is pretty mean. I do feel really bad for her, though, because she was just in a car accident and hurt both of her arms and legs!! She’s going to be fine, and I do like the other girls on the team. I haven’t actually started tennis yet, but I’m excited to begin. Basketball ROCKS!! My coach is super nice and I’m improving a ton. I can actually make a free throw now!! I am often there early so I am usually the only girl there along with a whole ton of boys!! 😛 I will try and post more often and I will do another post soon because I have ski week coming up in February.


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