Christmas In Europe

Usually my Christmas involves being woken up at four in the morning by my sisters, waiting anxiously for other family members to arrive, opening presents in record time, then running around with my cousins until the sugar wears off. This year was different, for one we had a “rehearsal Christmas” in Barcelona, on the 22 where we opened the presents from family in the States. After that we hung out for the day, played with new presents and things like that. And the next day, we went to the airport to catch our flight to Frankfurt, Germany, and from there we got on 3 different trains to get to Rothenburg. Rothenburg was the first stop of our trip. In Rothenburg we visited their Christmas markets, had one of the craziest Christmas Eve dinners ever, and also went on a day trip to Nurenburg. After Rothenburg we went to Salzburg, Austria where we took a trip down the salt mines, which I highly recommend for anyone. From there we took yet another train to Zurich, Switzerland where we met up with some friends, I had the best fondue EVER! If you don’t know this about me, my four favorite foods in the world are cheese, chocolate, fondue, and raclette, which are all products of Switzerland, so I am so so lucky to have been able to go to my personal version of heaven. In Zurich I stayed up until midnight for the first time, and the fireworks at midnight in Zurich are incredible!! After Zurich we drove to Gruyeres and toured the Gruyeres cheese factory, and also the Callier chocolate factory, another two things to add to the list of things you should definitely do if you are near there.  My Christmas vacation was incredible, and I highly recommend visiting these places.


A Gruyere cheese cellar in the factory!


A wall of chocolate in the Cailler chocolate factory


A fantastic view of the Swiss Alps


My sister and I enjoying our fondue


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