For my spring break, I took the trip of a life time to Morocco. We stayed in three places, Fez, Merzouga, and a spot in the Sahara Desert, it was AMAZING! We were so lucky to find an amazing hotel in Fez, which was really cool because it was hidden behind high walls, but once you entered it was amazing. It had a full courtyard, which was beautiful, and my sister was ecstatic, because they had pet tortoises! (Ella’s turtle crazy!) Fez was interesting and I loved it, but the Sahara was stunning. It was all so still, and quiet, we seemed so far away from everything, and we just relaxed. We stayed the night out there, under the stars, and I felt so, at peace, I LOVED IT!!!!! Merzouga was super fun, our hotel had a pool! One of the most fun parts about the whole trip was that I was with my cousins from California!!!!!! We had a ton of fun and I’m so sad they leave tomorrow morning. On the bright-side, my grandpa is coming! I’ll keep y’all updated on our trip with him, and also our upcoming trip through southern England, the land of English speakers!!!! I so excited! As soon as my mom uploads the photos to her computer, I’ll post tons of pictures about Morocco!


The Best Week Ever!!

Here in Spain we have an absolutely insane amount of breaks, and this last week was the best one that I have gotten to experience. My family and I hopped on a hour and a half flight to Geneva, then rented a car and drove for an hour to Chamonix, France to begin our “Ski Week”. When we got there we just chilled out because it was pretty late in the day and we were all exhausted. The next day when we woke up it was dumping snow. We went out to ski and had an awesome time. The following day it was sunny and nice, but the snow was super sticky, which made it more difficult to ski on. On that same day I fell in powder and hurt my knee. We went to a mountain called “Le Tour” after that and had a ton of fun. We found some super nice long runs and had a blast. The day after was certainly not fun. It was super cloudy and the visibility was at 0. We went home after an hour and hung out for the rest of the day. We went to Italy the next day, driving through the longest tunnel in Europe, the Mont Blanc Tunnel. In Italy we met up with Ella’s friend, Marisa, and her family. We had a ton of fun until Marisa fell and hurt her knee. She had to get pulled to the hospital in one of those little sled things and got a cast on her leg and is on crutches now. The following day it snowed, HUGE flakes falling thick and fast. We went to a market and everyone got a hat, then *sniff* drove to the Geneva airport to fly home to Barcelona. Here are some pictures from the ski week.Image The Beautiful French Alps



Building a Snowman


Me, my two sisters and my mom



Getting gofres (a.k.a waffles)



Lexi, my little sister, with her nutella and powdered sugar waffle



A snowy day in Chamonix!

That was my ski week, and I was so so so lucky to have gotten to experience it.


Art Classes and Other Activities

I am loving Spain more and more everyday (not that I don’t miss my friends back home!!!). Recently I have begun art classes at a place called “Traç” (pronounced ‘trace’) which in Catalan means “sketch”. I really really love it and I am doing the category “dibujo y pintura”, or drawing and painting. I just did a horse sketch in charcoal, and I’m working on painting my color wheel, blending my own colors! The best part of these classes is the fact that I do them with one of my best friends, Madison! The other activities I’m doing are soccer, tennis, and basketball. Soccer is fun but my coach is pretty mean. I do feel really bad for her, though, because she was just in a car accident and hurt both of her arms and legs!! She’s going to be fine, and I do like the other girls on the team. I haven’t actually started tennis yet, but I’m excited to begin. Basketball ROCKS!! My coach is super nice and I’m improving a ton. I can actually make a free throw now!! I am often there early so I am usually the only girl there along with a whole ton of boys!! 😛 I will try and post more often and I will do another post soon because I have ski week coming up in February.

Christmas In Europe

Usually my Christmas involves being woken up at four in the morning by my sisters, waiting anxiously for other family members to arrive, opening presents in record time, then running around with my cousins until the sugar wears off. This year was different, for one we had a “rehearsal Christmas” in Barcelona, on the 22 where we opened the presents from family in the States. After that we hung out for the day, played with new presents and things like that. And the next day, we went to the airport to catch our flight to Frankfurt, Germany, and from there we got on 3 different trains to get to Rothenburg. Rothenburg was the first stop of our trip. In Rothenburg we visited their Christmas markets, had one of the craziest Christmas Eve dinners ever, and also went on a day trip to Nurenburg. After Rothenburg we went to Salzburg, Austria where we took a trip down the salt mines, which I highly recommend for anyone. From there we took yet another train to Zurich, Switzerland where we met up with some friends, I had the best fondue EVER! If you don’t know this about me, my four favorite foods in the world are cheese, chocolate, fondue, and raclette, which are all products of Switzerland, so I am so so lucky to have been able to go to my personal version of heaven. In Zurich I stayed up until midnight for the first time, and the fireworks at midnight in Zurich are incredible!! After Zurich we drove to Gruyeres and toured the Gruyeres cheese factory, and also the Callier chocolate factory, another two things to add to the list of things you should definitely do if you are near there.  My Christmas vacation was incredible, and I highly recommend visiting these places.


A Gruyere cheese cellar in the factory!


A wall of chocolate in the Cailler chocolate factory


A fantastic view of the Swiss Alps


My sister and I enjoying our fondue

London in December

Again, I’m sorry I’m not posting as often, but hey, I do school too, you guys. Tomorrow I’m going to… LONDON!! I’m so excited my family and I get to see a Pantomime, Matilda, and hopefully (fingers crossed) going to see Jersey Boys. And also go we are so lucky as to be able to go experience the High Tea and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!! Its going to be so AWESOME!! I can’t wait, and in school,  I’m doing, wait for it….. SCHOOL!! I will post when I’m there! “God rest ye merry gentlemen….” you know the rest!!


Rome is so COOL!!! It has everything, it will be like, building, restaurant, oh look at that super cool 2,000 year old statue, nothing big! The Colosseum isn’t actually called the Colosseum, it’s called the Flavian Amphitheater.  But it’s still really cool because of the history behind it. The Pantheon is incredible too, so is the David and the Trevi Fountain,  the list goes on and on and on. I’m extremely impressed and saddened by the gelato because it is AMAZING, but I will not be able to love normal B&J or Baskin Robbins again. Rome rocks, but I am excited to go home to Spain though because of friends and school and babysitting, and you know, home! I will surely post again soon!! Ciao 4 Niao!

Everything I’ve forgotten

Ok so I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I’ve been busy! I am going to cram everything into this post. Photojournalism, soo I can’t put the pictures on, but I do have one cool ones for later in this post. I also had an awesome/disastrous vacation to Vall de Nuria, and before that to the Pyrenese and L’Scala… After Vall de Nuria and also now, We have are in ITALY. We took a week off school and are going to Florence and Rome. Right now we are in Florence and are staying in a awesome villa in a village on the outskirts of the city. Even awesomer, they have a DOG! This matters because I left my beloved doggie in the States and I miss him so much! Any waaay, Italy rocks and here is what they do with the INCREDIBLE gelato here, they pile it up like, 2 feet high, and I’m not exaggerating.
The food is incredible. I took a cooking class today, it was so COOL, we made pasta from scratch, gnocchi from scratch, artichoke salad, chocolate cake, and pizza!!!!! It was awesome!! Ok so I will post more when I get to Rome but good bye for now!!

P.S. Here’s the gelato!